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A top-down multiplayer role-playing game
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Create a character in a stylyzed fantasy world rendered on a 3D engine. Customize the appearance with basic sliders for shapes and colors. Select a set of skills and develop them by completing quests and earning money for upgrades. Go on raids with other players.

“Tibia” is a free MMORPG game developed by CipSoft online entertainment company. After creating an account on the official website, the system will automatically create a password for your account, which will be sent to you via e-mail. The next step is to log in and create your character. When you are done with the character creation, you just need to download the Tibia client, which is available for Windows OS and for Linux, install it and enjoy the game.

The installation process doesn’t take much time, since the size of the application is just about 20MB. When you start playing, this game offers a tutorial that helps you to get used to the game. The graphics of the game is not very impressive, but the idea itself is very interesting. When you start the game and your character is downloaded from the website, you start walking around, talking to people, and helping them if they need your help. The usual MMORPG stuff: you take a quest, fulfil it, get the reward, form a party, decorate your house... There is a small window for dialogs at the bottom of the main window. This game is rather simple and pretty interesting.

Damir Buzikov
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